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The Cowboy and Angels Saga

LG EBook Cover.jpg

Book One: Lucifer's Guide

Rafe Bennett has only known the life of an outlaw. Handsome and roguish with a brilliant, calculated mind, he takes what he wants from stagecoach, train, or bank. All he needs is his saddle and his pistol. Heaven watches over everyone, and there are celestial departments dedicated to protecting human souls. Most angels are effective, but then there's Vivi. This lowly traffic angel has stumbled through case after case. It's her last chance and the assignment of her career, but this time she can't break the rules. The heavenly decision that brings this wild-west outlaw and beautiful angel together attracts Lucifer's undivided attention. While the power of good and evil battle for one outlaw, Vivi's heart is stolen and she tumbles from heaven right into Rafe's arms. Will a fallen angel's love save an outlaw's soiled soul?

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