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The Lost Race Series

Book One: The Orphans

Hope. Magic. Balance. The true, holiest of causes. Eighteen-year-old Gracie wants to live a simple, normal life after leaving Ariel's Gate Orphanage. All she has is a photographic memory and a twisted club foot, but she feels good about herself until a shocking set of unexpected wings and a deadly war turn her hopeful future into something very different. She has awakened to a secret world of angels and demons, bloody war and terror. It's a world unseen by humans, veiled in magic, inhabited by breathing archangels and ancient beings, and ruled by battle strategy, money, and power.

Realizing that normal will never happen for  the only known surviving pure Nephilim, Gracie is set on a precarious path burdened with the duty to protect her entire race. A promise was made in the beginning and the Nephilim are failing miserably. Their end is near, generating serious danger to human beings and the planet. Gracie must deal with her own fears and limitations, the diverse elements of their race, and those who wish to destroy it in a desperate effort to regain balance between good and evil.


Book Two: Metatron's Daughters

A deadly war is imminent. Surrounded by carnie-performing rogue warriors, young Gracie must pull together a massive army to preserve the critical stability between good and evil. The path ahead is perilous-her entire Nephilim race, humankind, and the planet are in dire straits.

Her troops consist of willing and unwilling Nephilim from around the world. Her love, Cole Masters, has gone off to recruit while Gracie stays behind on Ocracoke Island to balance compassion with justice and unbearable fear. The challenges are huge. Her twin sister is ensnared and blood-bound to Lucifer, and some question her right and capabilities to lead.

There is so much on young Gracie's shoulders, but she receives guidance from the Archangels Raphael and Metatron, as well as various powerful Nephilim leaders. The primary responsibility is hers and she must pull the ragged pieces of her race together before it's too late. A trumpet blares. The time has come. Has Gracie done enough?

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